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"Get Up And Get After It" with Old Army Coffee's Cuppa Joe blend. 

Bag: 12 oz
Flavor Profile: Deep, Chocolaty, Heavy Body
Primary Origin: Sumatra IKA Mandiri
Roast: Dark

Not many things are as welcome to a soldier in garrison or on the march than a good cup of hot coffee. Starting as far back as the Battle of Gettysburg to the Battle of the Bulge and beyond, a good Cuppa Joe has been a staple of the American Military.

Whether it's an early day afield, meeting your coworkers at the coffee pot, or just needing that early morning pick me up in the comfort of your home, coffee reminds us of all that is good. Cuppa Joe is brewed for soldiers then and now, and all those who just want a truly great experience.

Grab this blend of Sumatra IKA Mandiri Italian Roast for a perfect morning-style coffee, robust with dark chocolaty nuances and a rich, hearty body. Just what you want to fill your canteen cup with in the morning... "Cuppa Joe!"

Old Army Coffee is a 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran Owned, Small Business.