About Us

Old Army has a simple idea behind it. 

We are a 100% service-connected disabled Veteran owned small business located in Spokane Valley, Washington, USA.  We are located in Pacific Northwest, the heart of Coffee USA.

We create teams by hiring Veterans and getting them back to task with gainful and meaningful employment. There is nothing like being part of a team again.

Old Army roasts its coffee in Spokane Washington, where we know what good coffee should taste like.

We wanted to create a company that promoted a team atmosphere similar to that which the Veterans missed from their time in the service. This would also provide meaningful employment with like-minded people. The main focus is to hire Veterans through the sale of our premium coffee.

Our unique roast profiles were developed in our coffee lab and where we develped 8 unique blends that are our proprietary recipes.  Our CBD offerings came later through the same process.

I am the owner, Jamie Blackhart.  I retired from the Army after more than 30 years of service and ended my journey as the 104th Division Operations Sergeant Major. 

We want to continue to give back and serve our community and decided that there was a large gap in the market for a positive image and unique themed coffee. Something with artwork that catches the eye of the customer and gets them thinking nostalgically about better times. Fun images of the Greatest Generation and wars WE WERE WINNING and that made a difference in the world.

Old Army Coffee was born out of honoring the past and serving the future. Everyone, regardless of politics, can remember fondly that period in history and has a grandparent or relative that served.

We support and provide product to Veteran and community Not For Profit organizations (USO, Children First Therapy, Boots4Troops, Boy Scouts as well as co-branded fund raising opportunities with products people actually want, COFFEE.