"I.V. Drip" Espresso Blend Old Army Coffee

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 More Espresso Needed!

Tap into greatness with our I.V. Drip Espresso Blend!
Just what the doctor ordered!!!

Bag: 12 oz
Flavor Profile: Bold, Hearty, Full Body
Primary Origin: Americas & Indonesia
Roast: Dark

Old Army Coffee's I.V. Drip Espresso Blend features all dark roasted coffees from the Americas and Indonesia. The darker roasted profile brings out the coffee oils which are caramelized for the richness and boldness of correctly roasted French and Italian profiles.

In celebration of the Medical Corps, we felt inspired to create some of the best medicine you can get! Sometimes you've just gotta tap directly into the source! Tap into greatness with our I.V. Drip Espresso Blend. Just what the doctor ordered!

Old Army Coffee is a 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran Owned, Small Business.