"Renegade Tribute Blend" Old Army Coffee

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You owe it to yourself to try this coffee!
BOURBON BARREL! What more can we say? 

Bag: 12 oz
Flavor Profile: Smokey, Bold, Fruity
Primary Origin: Ethiopia
Roast: Light

From battlefield to homeland, coffee has been a piece of the very foundation of freedom. We have embarked on our own coffee voyage with our Bourbon-aged coffee!

With the same care and precision put into finely tuned aircraft, we take eight weeks to age and prepare our limited-release, small-batch, Bourbon Barrel coffee. You won't find smells of chocolate and butterscotch on the battlefield, but you will in this cup!

Whether you're serving it on the cutting edge of freedom or in your living room, enjoy the flavor notes of Bourbon in a cup of Old Army's Renegade Tribute Blend!

Old Army Coffee is a 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran Owned, Small Business.