"Tanker Fuel" Old Army Coffee

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Looking for a smooth yet strong coffee... look no further with Old Army Coffee's TANKER FUEL blend. 

Bag: 12 oz
Flavor Profile: Bold, Direct, Robust
Primary Origin: Central & South America
Roast: Combination Light & Medium

It has been said that very few things connect every troop from every era in the military quite like a cup of coffee.

From the Battle of El Alamein and Patton's 3rd Armored Division rolling through Germany, coffee has been the lifeblood of the American Military.

From brewing on the back deck to the gritty pot in the First Sergeant's Office, coffee has been the great equalizer.

This "opposites attract" blend of high altitude grown coffee combines bold flavors which are equally useful as both an espresso and as a drip brewed coffee.

There's nothin' like some good ol' TANKER FUEL to get your day fueled up and down-range!

Old Army Coffee is a 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran Owned, Small Business.